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The truth is, caregiving can be a minefield, not just in the physical act of caregiving, but medically, financially, and legally as well. If you are a caregiver, I know that you want to give your loved one the best care possible.

My purpose is to help you achieve your goal by preparing you to navigate the often choppy waters of dealing with the medical, legal and financial community - ensuring they get the highest standard of care, the best possible outcomes, and that you don't waste or lose money in the process.

I know you could use that peace of mind and the lessened stress to give you the time and energy you need to be present in your life inside and outside of caregiving.

Contact me by phone/text or email to set up your initial free 15-minute consult today. This could be the most important call you make, for yourself and your loved one.


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Read what caregivers are saying about The Resilient Caregiver’s Lifeline:

 When I first heard about Darcy's program I was quite hesitant, thinking, do I really need this yet? While my husband's health diagnosis was progressive, his needs were not yet overwhelming. Maybe in six months or a year? I learned this was precisely when I had time to focus on making important changes that would help me become a better, more resilient caregiver. Far better now than during a crisis!


I made good use of our twice-weekly coaching zooms. Walking the same path with other caregivers is very empowering. Exchanging empathy strengthens the heart of a caregiver. The group took away that feeling of isolation that is the enemy of resilience.


The focus on organizing information into one useful binder was one of the best parts. I could access lessons anytime.  De-cluttering our environment was life-changing. 


I feel much more in control and positive about how I will handle all the changes the future will bring. I am so grateful to Darcy and the group for helping me to find my resilience as my husband's caregiver.


Elizabeth Davis from Harpswell, ME

Caregiving & Mental Health "Overload in Every Sense of the Word" article

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