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What is an Adult Planning Specialist?

An Adult Planning Specialist assists older adults and their families to reach their maximum potential quality of life. Independence is encouraged while not sacrificing safety or security. The approach is holistic (medical, financial, legal, etc.)  and client-centered (making an appropriate plan WITH you, not for you). Ensuring quality care and optimal life for those you love reduces worry, stress and time off of work for caregivers. Adult Planning Specialists envision a world where people and their families live well as the face the challenges of aging and/or medical need.


In summary, it is helping your loved ones have the most meaningful life they can, whatever stage of life they are in, so that all of you can rest more easily.

When is the right time to utilize an

Adult Planning Specialist?

When the caregiver is exhausted or burned out

When the family is in disagreement about what the best care is

When the older adult is transitioning from one place to another

When the adult older has limited or no support locally

When you are unhappy or dissatisfied with your current providers

What services do you offer?

Available support, day and night

“My Life, Health and Wealth” binder with all of your information in one organized place

Assistance with downsizing during times of transition

Being the “umbrella” that coordinates all the different types of people that work with you to assure continuity and are walking on the same path to the same goals

Referrals to community resources

Help to simplify navigating through the complicated medical system

Accompaniment to appointments

Being a sounding board and trusted advisor

Why should I choose Help for Healing?

My name is Darcy Thiel. I use my professional and personal experience to assist others in creating the life they hope for as time marches on. I was an advocate for my father, who had Parkinsons, for over a decade and assisted him with several transitions over the years. Being by my husband’s side on his journey with a terminal illness and ultimately his death, was the most sacred experience of my life.


It is my passionate goal to help you and/or your loved ones with the same compassion and dedication as if you were my own family. From facilitating problem solving session for family management to attending medical appointments, I am accessible and knowledgeable to create a customized plan for your needs. My promise is to treat all of you with the dignity and respect you deserve and offer the personal touch that is so often lacking in our current medical system.


I will exceed your expectations!

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